Mar 11

Contaminated Waste Offloaded in Kentucky Landfill

By Lonnie Gayhart | Uncategorized

Officials in The Bluegrass State have started to take enforcement actions in their examination of radioactive oil and gas exploration wastes they say was brought illegally into Kentucky and dumped at two garbage dumps.

State health authorities instructed the business they claim carried the fracking refuse into Kentucky to stop or face a hundred thousand dollars per incident fines and potential criminal charges. And two garbage dumps in Kentucky were sent offense notifications Tuesday from the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet. The offense notifications profess the landfill agents in Greenup and Estill counties fell short to precisely define the refuse for what it was really, permitting what’s regarded as a prohibited discharge of a hazardous substance into the environment. They were also cited for poor document keeping and various violations.

The ECCHFS have been checking into a probable pipeline of form of radioactive waste from beyond state fracking uses into Kentucky.

Health Cabinet assistant counsel Jennifer W. wrote a March notice announced Tuesday that insists BES, LLC (dba: Advanced TENORM Services) imported, collected, transported and/or deposited radioactive oil and gas drilling waste in several Kentucky counties since at least June 2015. Jennifer W. said the state would litigate to stop the company if it did not comply. Since Tuesday, health cabinet officials had not been informed the business, said Beth F., cabinet spokesperson.

Louisville ecological attorney Tom F., manager of the Kentucky Resources Council, claimed Tuesday night that it is good that both agencies are lawfully working in tandem. Kentucky Division of Waste Management officials on March 2 established that radioactive waste from rock and brine that’s brought to the surface during the course of oil and gas drilling was transported into Kentucky contrary to state regulation. The organization said it was fracking operations in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

The Cabinet’s letter was sent off to Cory H., who was determined as the business owner of BES, LLC. History registered with the Kentucky Secretary of State demonstrate a Jason H. as owner of Advanced TENORM Services. TENORM is just what the industry calls drilling waste that’s been technologically boosted. Both indicate same addresses.

Health officials of the State have said they are also trying to determine whether any landfill laborers or others were subjected – and whether or not the material could possibly have been delivered to some other dumping grounds. They have said they do not assume there are any existing health dangers from the unloading.

The violating notice sent to Green Valley Landfill’s founders said nearly 400 tons of radioactive boring trash was dumped there in between May 2015 and January 2016. The Blue Ridge Landfill allowed nearly 50 contaminated loads, earlier identified as 25 cubic yards each, from July 2015 across Nov. 2015, according to a violation notice. Both garbage dumps have been ordered to comply with all provisions of a radiation survey and site inspection support offered by the Health Cabinet. Spokespersons of the landfills could not be reached for comment Tuesday night. Blue Ridge’s owner, Advanced Disposal, has recently pledged entire cooperation and has pointed out it did not know it was accepting contaminated waste until recently.

Deciding on a trusted company to get rid of your rubbish is a significant component of any town, and no one should allow unsuitable disposal, and all charges should be situated heavily on the heads of individuals who disregard area statutes and authorizations. For many dumpster rentals, feel free to look for open top box contractors whom you can trust. And, as always, recycle when conceivable.

Feb 26

Waste disposal services – Renting a dumpster

By Lonnie Gayhart | Biomedical Waste , Medical Waste Disposal

Are you planning to work on your house? Fixing or replacing your old windows or your gutters, remodeling or redesigning your living room or even the simplest Do It Yourself projects in the end might have a bunch of waste for disposal. Not to mention construction sites and companies or hospitals that cannot function properly if there are no dumpster or scheduled waste disposal.

Whatever the purpose you can always find an organization which is specialized in waste disposal and dumpster rental, you surely know about one that is in the nearby, however if you do not know who could help you with this, you can always surf the internet and find the most suitable organization. Besides all of that you can get familiar with prices of renting a dumpster and the types of the dumpster that exist in purpose of finding the most suitable for your work.

Home project usually do not require much storage for waste disposal which means even the smallest dumpsters will be enough for you. Waste disposal companies often offer the option of buying or renting trash cans if you do not need a dumpster but you still need a place to dispose of your everyday waste or waste that is a product of a small DIY projects. The possibility of curbside pickup by yours national environmental services provider is always there if you do not have to dispose of larger waste products.

Waste disposal companies and organizations usually have an option for disposal of unique and harmful waste such as batteries or medical waste. People often do not know what to do with this kind of waste and finally all unused and expired medications and dead batteries often end up together with other normal everyday waste.

This becomes very big problem since it is harmful for environment and for people as well. The newest trend is ordering services form waste disposal organizations by mail, which includes sending them data about which kind of waste you need to dispose of, what kind of dumpster you will need, you can ask everything you want to know about their services, how much will it cost and anything else that is of interest for you.

Renting a dumpster can be really easy if you want to do it via Internet, all you have to do is pick the type of dumpster you will need, schedule delivery, determine rent period and pay for the companies services. Most of the companies will meet your needs concerning the type of your payment, will you pay in cash, with your credit card or other is totally up to you.

Recycling services are one more in the list of the services waste disposal companies provide you with. People often have to separate their waste depending on the material of which is made of, paper, plastic and metal waste and take them to the recycling centers for recycling, this can be a lot easier if you contact an waste disposal company for recycling services, they will come in and take your waste to the place it belongs.

Feb 17

Medical Waste Disposal Montana

By Lonnie Gayhart | Biomedical Waste , Medical Waste Disposal

It is good news for the state of Montana to be included among the top 10 states that have the lowest case for incidence of infectious disease. The state had just noted 3.5 cases of infection disease per 100,000 populations for the year 2009 finding its way to the no. 3 spot. One reason for this could be pointed to the importance of how strict the regulations for medical waste treatment and disposal is implemented and complied with.

Otherwise, medical waste especially hazardous or infectious waste if mismanaged, represents a great risk of producing disease that can harm human health and the environment through transporting and spreading infectious diseases and viruses. This is very rapid and often causes huge problems to a state and community.

The continuous improvement of proper medical waste management in Montana is attributed to the rules sternly applied beginning from storage, transportation and treatment of infectious waste. Both the generators and transporters of infectious waste shall also develop a contingency plan to handle spills and equipment failure.

Segregation of these wastes by packaging it appropriately in medical waste containers and labeling it as infectious or hazardous waste to clearly separate it from ordinary waste at the point of origin is proven to be foolproof. Specifically, used sharps must be stored in a rigid, leak proof, puncture resistant containers with secured seal that will be safe in transportation before a subsequent treatment is made.

Conversely, infectious waste must be sealed in tightly in a moisture-proof disposable containers or bags that are sufficient enough thwarts ripping and tearing. This is how handling of infectious waste is done in such a manner that it will prevent compaction or other mechanical manipulation that might cause the release of infectious agents before it is transported to medical waste incinerators for treatment and disposal.

The treatment and disposal of infectious waste through permitted facilities or medical waste companies are accomplished through different allowed methods. These include incineration with complete combustions; steal sterilization, sterilization by standard chemical techniques and or liquid or semisolid infectious waste to render infectious waste non-infectious.

If infectious waste has been rendered noninfectious by one of these methods, it is no longer biologically hazardous and could already be mixed with and disposed of with ordinary waste in a properly operated and licensed landfill. Moreover, training of the employees who work in medical waste incinerator, which job is to handle and manage infectious waste should be provided by the medical waste company where he or she is employed.

In the end – hazardous waste is something that must be taken seriously. Some people didn’t realize the importance of this matter, so they have caught infections and diseases due to their negligence. Furthermore, they even damaged the complete environment, which is a lot worse for the whole community. That is the reason why all states implement strict regulations when it comes to waste disposal.

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